My Favourite Things #8

This quilt, one of the last ones my grandma made, is 38 year old. So pleased that I have this beautiful reminder of her. I remember her talking about how she used the sewing machine now for piecing the ladies together, instead of hand stitching–as though that was somehow cheating. But now, when I see

My Favourite Things #7

  It’s difficult to pick just one favourite book of 2013, but this one is definitely on the list.  A humorous read with a poignant message about reading and writing.

My Favourite Things #5

These real maple leaves, collected from southern Ontario’s sugar maples, are processed in a way that preserves them, then shot through with gold leaf or bronze leaf to give them the sparkly shine. Souvenirs from our visit to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, they provided many fond memories as we hung them on our tree this