A Happy Accident

By Grace Emily copyright Dono
By Grace Emily
copyright Dono

Here’s how my happy accident happened. I was using coloured Sharpie markers to paper towel art 1make labels for my responsibility chart. One of the markers fell on a paper towel leaving marks. A few minutes later, my elbow hit a glass of water and it spilled all over the marks on the paper towel. It looked really cool! I decided to make a picture the same way.


I made another one and put it on the window.

Paper towel art 2


If you want to make your own Magic Sharpie Art (that’s what I like to call it), here are the instructions:


What you need: paper towel, Sharpie permanent marker in whatever colours you want, bowl of water, teaspoon.

Step 1: Draw pictures with your Sharpie markers on the paper towel. It doesn’t matter how many pictures you do. Tip. Make sure you have something underneath the paper towel so that it doesn’t go through. Your mom will be happy about that.

Step 2: Put a teaspoon of water on the paper towel picture and watch what happens.

Now you are ready to put your art on the window and let the sun shine through.

I hope you enjoy your art!





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