THE JOURNAL – A celebration

Two years ago in February, my second historical novel, The Journal, came out with Ronsdale Press.  I had really wanted to find the right story for the historical backdrop of the Women As Persons case, which concluded in Edmonton in 1929. When I realized that I needed Kami, a Japanese mixed race teen, to tell the story, everything finally fell into place.

Kami from The Journal

Today I am celebrating the success of The Journal, reminding myself that while the going is not always easy, the reward of a story one can be proud of, is well worth the effort. While I work on revisions for my contemporary fiction ANYWHERE BUT HERE, it’s a good reminder that all of the hard work eventually pays off!

One of the highlights was meeting a fan who wrote a beautiful letter about how much the story had meant to her. Another was when my daughter chose The Journal from her classroom library for a book report.



“The book touches on a number of important historical issues in a Canadian context, from women;s rights and racism to family relationships and making a Audrey's Books, Edmonton, ABdifference. The use of time travel is a smart and engaging way to draw in middle-graders who may be resistant to historical fiction, but what makes Donovan’s book particularly enticing is the level of detail and relatability…small details help readers connect with the character as the story moves back and forth between past and present.

Not only will readers learn about specific moments in history, this delightful book will challenge them to question and consider alternate views of both historical and everyday events.”  by Cara Smusiak, a writer and editor in Toronto. Quill and Quire January/February 2015

The Journal (2015), by Lois Donovan

It isn’t so often any more that when I finish a book, my mind stays in the story, but Lois Donovan’s The Journal pulled me in completely and kept me there. The power of the story over me might be because I am so interested in the historical moment that young Kami Anderson slips into, but I think that Donovan’s attention to historical detail and balanced inclusion of social issues have more to do with it…

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Published by Lois Donovan

Author of historical time travels, THE JOURNAL and WINDS OF L'ACADIE, Lois is in demand as a speaker/presenter at literary conferences and young writers' conferences and teachers conventions. Lois grew up primarily in Riverview, New Brunswick, but has called Calgary home for many years. Currently, Lois enjoys life in Calgary with her husband, daughter, son and daughter-in-law.

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