The Doggie Diaries by Shadow the Sheltie Seriously?? She’s staying?

Well, I totally did NOT see that coming! I smelled something suspicious in the air. You know, there was the new poo corner for “going corner,” and the banning from the jumping-on-the-couch-and-barking-out-the-window routine. Even my morning “W” (that’s what the Alpha female calls going for a walk if it’s supposed to be a secret), included renewed enthusiasm for rewarding me with treats for not barking every time a fast moving human, or a human with two wheels goes by. But, in hind sight, I have to admit that the biggest clue was when a big red and black den, about my size, appeared in the room with the yummy smells.

“Huh,” I think. I’ve never had a den and wasn’t sure I would like one. I have vague memories of being forced into a den as a puppy but the humans gave up on me ever actually using it, after several fairly dramatic melt-downs. This den, however, is softer, with big mesh windows. A big improvement. Well, maybe I could just give it a try. I go through the door flap and sit down. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. Suddenly, I hear my name and not in a positive way. What? They want me to get out of the den. What kind of a present is this? So, I go out and then they put in my large play pillow. It’s supposed to go inside the bed that I also don’t use for sleeping. Oh. I see. They want me to sleep on the pillow in the den. Why now? Why after four years?

But, being the cooperative, pleaser type that I am, I decide to give it a try. Show them a positive attitude. So, I go in again and sit on the pillow. Once again, I hear a sharp reprimand as though I have done the wrong thing. What is wrong with these people? I’m just trying to make an effort to show I appreciate their gifts. Yeesh! I go out and lie on the cool tile of the hallway, where no one bugs me. But later I notice the door to the den is zipped closed. Weird.

You’d think with the arrival of a new den, I’d have clued in that something big was in the works. I didn’t. When the Alpha female and the smaller female arrived home with a bouncy little furball peeking out from the large windows in the new den, I was completely blindsided. To be honest, even then I had no idea that this mini-me (except for the colour, of course), would be staying.

The Mini-Me is kind of cute.

But, we’re nearing the end of two days now and she’s still here so it’s not looking good. Okay, so she isn’t that bad. And she doesn’t get the kind of freedom I have. For example, she has to stay zipped into her den sometimes which I never have to do. I could give her some good tips for making the den disappear, like mine did, but she doesn’t listen. She just gives a couple of feeble whines and falls asleep! No stamina at all! She isn’t allowed to eat my food, although she does often wiggle her way into my water bowl without invitation.

One positive is that I get to go for my morning “W” without the PP (pesky pup). It’s SO relaxing to not have to trip over the little furball or have her jump and bark in my face when I try to play with her. Yeesh! Give me a break. And she does steal my favourite toys and NO ONE does anything about that. I’m much bigger and stronger, obviously, but I can’t be bothered to steal them back. I don’t really care.

Actually, I guess it would be okay if she stayed. The small human has spent a lot of time playing with both of us in the back yard and it is kind of fun having a mini-me watching my every move, trying to learn the ropes.

Pepper learns how to sit for a treat (like me!)


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