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It shouldn’t still surprise me, but it always does. When you feel inspired, great things happen. All of those walls evoked such positive feelings that the creative energy began to flow. When I went back to my WIP, I couldn’t help but renewed enthusiasm, grateful for the many experiences that led me to those walls. Such inspiration! Such imagination!

That’s all it took. I had barely started working on Anywhere But Here when an idea popped into my head. The idea was so obvious I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier. Confession time. The idea came from an audiobook I am currently listening to before going to sleep. ┬áIt’s an adult novel and completely different from my YA story, but a plot twist from that novel would actually work perfectly, in a modified, completely-different-situation type of way. It’s perfect! It is precisely what I need between my “darkest night” scene where Lily’s entire world falls apart (again!) and the climax. That was always the problem I realized. Something needed to happen to allow the climax to work.

Hah! Such a sense of relief and joy when that happens.

So, here’s my tip: When you’re struggling with your project, get away from it. Instead of digging yourself deeper into the pit of despair, go in search of inspiration. Beauty. Creativity. Whatever speaks to you.

Happy creating!

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Author of historical time travels, THE JOURNAL and WINDS OF L'ACADIE, Lois is in demand as a speaker/presenter at literary conferences and young writers' conferences and teachers conventions. Lois grew up primarily in Riverview, New Brunswick, but has called Calgary home for many years. Currently, Lois enjoys life in Calgary with her husband, daughter, son and daughter-in-law.

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