A Chihuly wall

The strong winds we’ve had recently, reminded me that this time last year I was flying into Seattle just as a huge hurricane was predicted to hit the Pacific Coast. It was eerie racing through a virtually empty Vancouver airport to catch our connecting flight to Seattle. Was our flight the only flight not cancelled? Wondering about the wisdom of doing so, we boarded our plane, which held several pilots as passengers. Apparently we were the only flight still taking to the skies.

Ironically, the flight was one of the smooth, pleasantly uneventful ones. But still, was this the calm before the storm? Upon arrival, we discovered our luggage had backed out of the trip at the last moment and this did not seem to be a good sign!  Our luggage was wrong.

Glass guitar in the Museum of Glass – Tacoma

Sometimes risk-taking pays off. This was one of those times. Of course, had the hurricane actually hit Seattle, we’d probably be singing a different tune. But it missed us and we had the most amazing trip ever. Many visitors had cancelled their trips, giving us celebrity status simply for showing up. Our hotel room was upgraded to a ginormous, luxurious two-storey suite and there were discounts and bargains to follow. Oh, and our luggage showed up, rather sheepishly, the next day.

The luxury suite and discounts weren’t the best part, though.  We soon discovered the joys of exploring arts and culture in a fantastic city that specializes in arts and culture. My experiences in Seattle, from the food to the glassworks to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit in the Science Centre to the Pike Place Market to creating our own glassworks in a downtown studio, to the spectacular Japanese Gardens, to the stunning creations at the World of Wearable Art display at the Museum of Pop Culture; all became inspiration for my IMAGINE journey. If you want to expand your creative experiences and become a more creative thinker or a more creative artist in any field, begin your journey by immersing yourself in art of all kinds.

Glass pumpkin by Grace Donovan -11.


Wearable Art

As a writer, I know it is important to study the masters and study a variety of genres to improve my own craft and to inspire my writing. BUT I did not realize how valuable it is to surround yourself with creative people, creative works of all kinds. Creativity, it turns out, is contagious. The more you immerse yourself in it, the more energetic the Muse becomes and before you know it, ideas are blooming like dandelions in a field.

While this was a trip down memory lane to my Seattle adventure, I didn’t need to leave home to explore the creative life. But that’s for another day!

Enjoy the creative life! It’s astonishing!

Wall of Gum! Pike Place market
Japanese Gardens


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