Countdown to Twelve Days of Christmas!

Twelve Days of Christmas is a crazy song that every kid loves. For me, it brings back memories of elementary school teaching days when we (teachers) would create alternate lyrics with what “my teacher gave to me.” Teachers get lots of great gifts from students at Christmas time and we thoroughly enjoyed thinking up some “special gifts” we would love to give the students, humour being the key element. Performing the resulting Twelve Days of Christmas was a huge hit, and I’m sure it’s one of the fond memories the students will cherish from their elementary school experiences.

It’s probably why I like to create my own special version of the song during the festive season. One year I itemized what my editor sent to me. Yeah. I had lots of material for that theme! In 2016, I shared some fabulous gifts from fans. This year I have a new version created with writers in mind, but you’ll have to wait until December 13th for the First Day, to find out. We’ll end the fun on Christmas Eve, but not for long.

On New Year’s Day I’ll be posting my new challenge for 2018.

Here are a few pics from previous Twelve Days of Christmas fun!

One Mi’kmaq quill box!
Five Signing Pens!!!!!
Fan gifts from Grade Two students. Nine hand crafted book awards!

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