Pattern Stories

Pattern Stories

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?  by Bill Martin

  1. Use one of the other senses and follow the pattern.

2.  Change the colours to textures.

3. Choose characters that are not animals.

4. Use students in the class and “What do you like?”

5. Choose a cross-curricular theme e.g. Ladybug, ladybug, what do you see? I see a little ant looking at me.

 Panda Bear Panda Bear What Do You See?  Bill Martin. In this version Bill Martin changes the verb. e.g. I see a monkey swinging toward me.

Do a “new” pattern story with the entire class before students are asked to try one on their own.  Discuss the new story and what kind of an ending would make sense or model the ending of the original story. 

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! By Sandra Boynton

  1. Change the dinosaur and find a title that fits e.g. Lots and Lots of Puppy Dogs.
  2. Change the ending e.g. The puppy dogs had lots of fun.  It’s time to go because we’re done.
  3. Make group books with everyone in the group contributing one page of text with an accompanying illustration.


The Napping House By Audrey Wood

  1. Try an opposite for this book. There is a house, a noisy house, where everyone is playing. End the story with it being a quiet house, where everyone is sleeping.
  2. Brainstorm other ideas with the students e.g. There is a farm a lively farm where everyone is busy. What other places can they come up with?

In this pattern, it is cumulative following the pattern of “This is the House That Jack Built.”

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