Guided Writing Experience – Division 1

Dog and Cat Adventure

Before asking the students to write a story, review what makes a story, a story. Encourage students by showing them how much they already know about stories (from their personal experience (listening to stories, reading stories, telling stories etc.

Cat and Dog Adventure (working title)

Give the students the beginning.


Once there was a dog named Scamp who lived with the Nice family. One day the Nice family put Scamp in the backyard and said, “Be a good dog, Scamp. We’ll be back soon.”  But the Nice family did not come back soon and Scamp got bored.

Brainstorm what a bored puppy might do.

Students choose one of the ideas OR as a class choose one of the ideas.

e.g. The puppy escapes from the yard (How does he escape?  Does he escape on the first try?)

Students write the story up to the part when the dog gets out of the yard.

 The Adventure

  Plan the adventure together:

  • What might happen when Scamp gets out of the yard? (meets a cat friend)
  • What big problem arises from this situation?
  • How will the big problem get solved?

The Ending

 The puppy gets back home. What has the puppy learned from his adventure?

Make sure that students include how the puppy feels when the family leaves, when he gets out of the yard, when he gets back home.

**Note: The age and stage of the writers will determine how much of the story you guide them through and how much they write independently. SUCCESS IS THE KEY.

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