Guided Writing Experience: The Magic Key

 The Magic Key Story

 Every student is given a key from the magic keys collection.

    Students draw or trace the key in the centre of the paper.

Where do you think you might find this key?

Students make a choice from the chart.

Each student writes the beginning of the story.

 The Beginning 

On Saturday I went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a sleepover.

I got to sleep in the attic. It is very cool because it is right under the roof.

Grandpa’s old desk is up there.  It has lots of places for small things to hide.      I opened the smallest door. Inside was a tiny gold key.

Brainstorm what the key might open

How will the character discover what the key opens?

The character should try at least two things before she figures out what the key fits.

Write the next part of the story.

The Middle

The key was too tiny to fit the door.  What could such a small key open?

I asked Grandma if she knew what the key would fit. Grandma looked at the key. She said it might be the key for her jewellery box. So Grandma and I went to her bedroom to try the key in the jewellery box. But it didn’t fit. This key had too many bumps on it to fit in that keyhole.

Then I asked Grandpa if he knew what the key would fit. He said it might be the key for his box of important papers. So Grandpa and I went into his office to try the key in the important papers box. But this key was not the right shape for that keyhole.

“Well, well, well,” Grandpa said. “I guess you can keep that key with your treasures.”

“Thanks, Grandpa,” I said.

That night when I went up to bed, I opened up more of the little doors in the old desk.  Inside the very last door there was a book. I took out the book. It had a lock on it. The lock was gold and was not very big. I took out my little gold key and tried it in the lock. It fit!

Brainstorm what might be magical about the key.

How will the character find out about the magic?

Write the ending where the character discovers the magic.

The Ending

My fingers could hardly wait to open the book.  On the first page there was a note.

If you opened this book, you have the magic key.

            If there is something you really want, write it in this book and

            then lock it with the magic key.

            Warning: Be careful what you wish for. It will come true.

Next: Students could write a sequel with more adventures with the magic key.

Other Ideas: Write a magic key story together as a class and then have the students write the sequel or write their own magic key story.

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