Mindless Musings

Mindless Musings A free writing activity.

The object of this exercise is to write continuously for a set amount of

time, without worrying about content. Start with about five minutes.


1. You must write using complete sentences.

2. You may not quit writing until the time is up.

3. You may write about any topic and may switch topics whenever you


If you get stuck you may write “I do not know what to write” and

then move on to describing your surroundings or what you are

wearing until another idea pops into your head.


Tips for Teachers:

Write at the same time as the students are writing and share your writing sometimes.

Do the activity several times a week so that students become comfortable with it and begin to let go of their fears.

Have a notebook or binder for their free-writing activities so that they can: 1. be accountable for the writing they have done and 2. use some of the ideas for creative writing opportunities

Students must write during the allotted time, but do not judge this writing or comment on it. This is purely for the student’s use. It is not something they ever need to share unless they wish to.

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