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ACADIANS: Past and Present

This multi-media presentation brings the land of L’Acadie alive. STUDENTS will travel back in time to Grand-Pre via the magic of a Mi’kmaq quill box. In L’Acadie, the students will meet the LeBlanc family, and learn about Acadian life during 1755. Then the deportation begins and the LeBlanc family must leave their beautiful valley. The students arrive back in Nova Scotia where they will tour the Acadian village of Meteghan. From the dykes to the deportation and beyond, it is a touching story of courage and survival. A perfect fit for the Alberta Grade Two Social Studies curriculum.

STORYWRITING for Division I 

Beginning with some exciting, motivational pre-writing activities, then moving into a guided writing approach, students will learn strategies for writing an exciting story. This activity may be tailored to specific Social Studies content if teachers wish. An excellent cross-curricular approach which meets ELA and SS curriculum outcomes.


THE FAMOUS FIVE: Heroes or Villains?

What does it take to be a hero? What happens if our heroes have flaws? Travel back in time to Edmonton 1929 and meet Emily Murphy and the Famous Five. What were their accomplishments? What did they do that is controversial by today’s standards? If you were to choose sides in a debate, would you chose “hero” or “villain.” An excellent opportunity for students to think critically and to develop their historical thinking in this dynamic, thought-provoking presentation.



This multi-media presentation tells the compelling story of the Acadians. From the genius of dyke technology, through the tragedy of the deportation, to the ongoing Acadian spirit, it is a tribute to an enduring culture and a courageous people. It is a story of survival and of identify. A perfect fit for Social Studies curriculum in Grades 5, 7 and 11.


Creating Characters Who Breathe

No matter the genre, the story must happen to a character. If the characters are flat, two-dimensional creatures, the story  will also be flat.  In this workshop students will explore various motivating activities designed to flesh out characters and bring them to life. With effective characters, the ideas will flow.  Geared to Division II and Division III, this workshop will inspire students to write and will provide them with some new tools for their writer’s toolbox.

Taking the Ordinary and Making it Extraordinary

No need to worry about finding that great story idea. In this workshop, students learn to focus on the details of ordinary events and how detail creates a vivid picture in the reader’s mind. Students will then be guided to move into the world of “what-if?” as the ordinary is not quite as ordinary as we had thought. Before they know it, we have moved into fantasy. Always an exciting journey. Kids love it!





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