“The book touches on a number of important historical issues in a Canadian context, from women;s rights and racism to family relationships and making a Audrey's Books, Edmonton, ABdifference. The use of time travel is a smart and engaging way to draw in middle-graders who may be resistant to historical fiction, but what makes Donovan’s book particularly enticing is the level of detail and relatability…small details help readers connect with the character as the story moves back and forth between past and present.

Not only will readers learn about specific moments in history, this delightful book will challenge them to question and consider alternate views of both historical and everyday events.”  by Cara Smusiak, a writer and editor in Toronto. Quill and Quire January/February 2015

This is a beautifully written story that features a lively cast of authentic and likeable characters, convincing dialogue and an important history lesson. Kami is plucky and kind without being saccharine, and the reader will see her mature from a sulky pre-teen, to a thoughtful, compassionate and determined young women, clearly inspired by the women who forged a path for her all those years before. 

I think THE JOURNAL would be an excellent addition to any Canadian school library, and could also it adapt well to film!

Highly recommended. 

By Carol Anne Shaw GOODREADS

The Journal (2015), by Lois Donovan

It isn’t so often any more that when I finish a book, my mind stays in the story, but Lois Donovan’s The Journal pulled me in completely and kept me there. The power of the story over me might be because I am so interested in the historical moment that young Kami Anderson slips into, but I think that Donovan’s attention to historical detail and balanced inclusion of social issues have more to do with it…

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WINDS OF L’ACADIE – by Lois Donovan

“Powerful and thought-provoking, leaving the reader longing for more…”

Canadian Literature – A Quarterly of Criticism and Review.

“Lois Donovan has created two intriguing plot lines that show an increasing depth of character…”

4 out of 4 – Highly Recommended!Winds Cover from internet

CM Magazine – Book reviews, media reviews, news, and author profiles of interest to teachers, librarians, parents and kids.

“Donovan’s sterling account of how two teenagers spent their summer vacation is a first-class story deserving of a first-class grade.”

Books In Canada– The definitive source for reviews of Canadian books by outstanding authors.

“Winds of L’Acadie is such an interesting, historical story, I loved it! I learned so much and I would definitely recommend it…”

5 out of 5 Stars

Kids WWwrite – The E-zine for young authors and readers.

“I would highly recommend this book as an addition to school and public libraries. It will be of interest to young adult readers who like historical fiction or time travel and will also be a great supplement to social studies classes which study the Acadian element in Canadian history.”

Winds of L’acadie Book Review Resource Links – The national journal devoted to the review and evaluation of Canadian resources for children and young adults.

“An all around excellent choice!”

Lane Education Service District Book Review Program – This long-standing service provides library books to schools in exchange for reviews, written by participating educators. This site reviews books for schools and libraries throughout the United States – Lane County, Oregon.


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