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THE JOURNAL synopsis:

It is 2004, and Kami’s grade eight year in Vancouver is off to a fantastic start. The senior soccer team. A birthday bash to celebrate turning thirteen. This could be the best year ever. Then a letter arrives with an unusual offer, and Kami’s world crashes. Despite the possibility of reconnecting with her absentee father, Kami is not impressed when her mother accepts a job in Edmonton, Alberta.

In Edmonton, Kami discovers a journal filled with newspaper clippings from 1929 and finds herself spinning through time. She encounters the heroic World War I flying ace, “Wop” May, as he embarks on a dangerous mission. Then Kami becomes involved with Emily Murphy right when the Famous Five are in a battle to have women recognized as “persons.” But the Edmonton of 1929 is not exactly welcoming to persons of Asian heritage, and Kami faces her own challenges. Add to that a hurtful revelation and Kami begins to question everything she values and thought she knew.

This is NOT how Kami had pictured her life as she turned thirteen.

* #1 on Calgary Herald Best Seller list for Fiction, May 30, 2015

WINDS OF L’ACADIE – synopsis

When Sixteen-year-old Sarah learns that she is to spend the summer with her grandparents in Nova Scotia, she is convinced that it will be the most tedious summer ever. She gets off to a rough start when she meets Luke, and one unfortunate event leads to another, Just when she thinks her summer cannot get much worse, a Mi’kmaq quill box transports her to Acadia in 1755, just as the deportation machine is heating up. Forced to abandon her pampered lifestyle, Sarah uncovers a new strength and determination as she risks her life to help her Acadian family, finding a surprising ally in Luke.


Best Book for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre, 2008

Finalist for Hackmatack Award for Atlantic Canada, 2009

Runner-up for Golden Eagle Book Award, Alberta, 2010





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