The View From The Glebe – Ottawa

We are settled into our home-away-from-home in Canada’s beautiful capital city of Ottawa. For artists of any genre, including literary artists, Ottawa is a feast for the senses. In the upcoming posts, I’ll share this feast with you. An added bonus is that our Ottawa home is a beautiful hundred-year-old home in the trendy and

Winnipeg and Beyond

In Winnipeg we found respite from the long days of driving. The rain followed us but that didn’t prevent Grace from experiencing an urban safari. See if you can spot some of the creatures she found in her uncle’s back yard.   With the weather not cooperating, we settled for eating our way around Winnipeg.

The View Hits The Road

Our asbestos inspired renovations are not even close to completion. Our cozy bungalow still looks like a skeleton with no flesh on its 2×4″s.  It has been a long process and we are all a little home sick. But…if we can’t be home, the next best thing, we decided,  is to set out on an

The Power of Procrastination

What??? I peered intently at a receipt for when I sent my manuscript to the publisher.  I sent the ms to Ronsdale OVER a year ago???  You’ve got to be kidding. Panic took over instantly, and I took action. The first, most obvious action, was to attack the person responsible for this hideous reality. How

The Changing View

Okay, so I have a plan.  As you may or may not know, my writing has sufferedconsiderably during this ginormous nightmare-of-a reno project as has everything else in my life.  Conversations, to-do-lists, every waking moment and most of the nonwaking moments revolve around electricians, drywallers, tilers…you get the picture. Our beautiful bungalow is a skeleton

Longing for a Familiar View

Today, I am feeling particularly homesick.  There is nothing worse than feeling homesick AFTER you get back from a trip. The WordPower Tour to Fort McMurray was amazing. The kids were fabulous and I loved sharing Sarah’s journey to L’Acadie and my journey as an author with several different schools.Author extraorinaire, Natash Deen, was my

Twisting the Lens

Today as I sip my latte in Starbucks, I have to admit to being a little frazzled. Okay, maybe more than a little. It all started on New Year’s Day, when I woke up with a migraine. Never a good thing on the dawning of a new year. It was symbolic, or perhaps a foreshadowing

Tales of an Incompetent Tooth Fairy

  When my son was growing up, the tooth fairy was extremely reliable. It was a simple routine. His tooth would fall out and that night he would place the tooth in the little ceramic dog dish attached to the little ceramic dog. In the morning he would find a looney in the special slot

The View Returns

I decided to get back to my original theme for this blog and that is The View from Starbucks. Sitting in Starbucks, surrounded by real-life stories, it seems a shame to let this material go to waste, or even to hog it all for myself. So, I have decided to pass on the daily drama