Toronto Delights

If you love cheese or even pasta, you won’t want to miss this Cheese Boutique on Ripley Avenue. And who doesn’t love sightings of these rare cheese birds?   From the welcome mouse at the door, to the cheese wheels, the cheese cellar (where they age the cheese)and the multi-coloured pasta, it’s an experience the

The View from Toronto – An Urban Oasis

After a pleasant pause in the country at Barry’s Bay, the skyscrapers of Toronto were exhilarating to see as we flew by on the Gardiner Expressway. Yes, it was prior to rush hour and we much preferred the “fly-by” to “the crawl”. Couldn’t resist a shot of the famous tower stretching between the cranes, whose

So Long Ottawa – Thanks for the Memories

We’ll miss you. Scamper gets laceration repairs at the Teddy Bear’s Picnic on the grounds of the Governor General’s property. The million dollar coin on display at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Pretty impressive but a little large for putting in your pocket. The gold bar below can be viewed at the Royal Canadian Mint

Oh Canada – What a Day!

In anticipation of our first Canada Day on Parliament Hill, we donned our celebratory red t-shirts   bright and early, hopped on the first bus we saw, and headed downtown. The patriotic red and white crowd was already beginning to gather but we managed to snag a prime viewing spot at the fence on Parliament

Reflections of The Glebe

How cute is this? The ducks are beginning to gather for their morning snack at the inlet across the street from us. We are soooooo enjoying our new home.  When we first arrived, the neighbourhood bird expert (Rita) informed us that we should NOT feed the ducks bread because it will make them sick. So,

The View from the Capital

  It’s exciting to be in the capital city and enjoy the sights and sounds of our tax dollars at work.  The grounds of the parliament buildings are an event all on their own.  This time we didn’t even get inside the doors. We’ll save that for another day.         These bronze

The View From The Glebe – Ottawa

We are settled into our home-away-from-home in Canada’s beautiful capital city of Ottawa. For artists of any genre, including literary artists, Ottawa is a feast for the senses. In the upcoming posts, I’ll share this feast with you. An added bonus is that our Ottawa home is a beautiful hundred-year-old home in the trendy and

Winnipeg and Beyond

In Winnipeg we found respite from the long days of driving. The rain followed us but that didn’t prevent Grace from experiencing an urban safari. See if you can spot some of the creatures she found in her uncle’s back yard.   With the weather not cooperating, we settled for eating our way around Winnipeg.

The View Hits The Road

Our asbestos inspired renovations are not even close to completion. Our cozy bungalow still looks like a skeleton with no flesh on its 2×4″s.  It has been a long process and we are all a little home sick. But…if we can’t be home, the next best thing, we decided,  is to set out on an