Dialogue Challenge #4 Unexpected

I waved to Drew from across the library. He was at his computer beside an impressive stack of books. “You didn’t tell me you were the daughter of famous urban designer Keiko Hamasaki,” he said when I sat down. “If I’d known you were going to be so impressed, I’m sure it’s the first thing

Dialogue Challenge #3

Okay, so it is really helpful to force myself to work on a dialogue but…today I do not have a “mean-girl” dialogue for publication.  I am NOT good at mean-girl confrontations. Maybe my readers are too young. Hmmm. Yes, I think that’s it. If anyone has a mean-girl dialogue for me, I’d LOVE to read

Dynamic Dialogue Challenge #2 The Move

“The most interesting thing happened at work today,” Mom said when she got home. “Really?”  I wondered what could possibly happen in Mom’s world of engineers and architects that would be even a tiny bit interesting to me. “The city of Edmonton is embarking on a huge urban renewal project and they’re in need of

Dialogue Challenge #1: The School Bus dialogue

Okay, so I didn’t manage to fit in the “Birthday Bash” part of the conversation. I changed my mind, which is okay. Whatever works. Here it is:     “Can you believe I made the senior soccer team?” I said to Becca as we walked to the bus at the front of the school. “Only

Dynamic Dialogue Challenge

Knowing I was embarking on a new novel, I invested in a copy of ten years worth of Writers’ Digest magazines, all on one handy disc. Wow! What a treat—like having stacks of magazines at your fingertips. As it happens, it is just what the doctor ordered for the revisions I need to do for

Procrastination: Pointers and Possibilities

  The mere fact that you have arrived at this website is proof that you already have some skill in the art of procrastination. But, I’m sure you’ll agree that practice is required—as with any worthwhile skill—if one wishes to transcend to more elevated forms. The key to successful, guilt-free procrastination is to find authentic,

The Beginning is Not a Good Place to Start

The hardest part about revising, is rewriting from scratch when something doesn’t work. That’s the frustrating point I’m at with the beginning to The Journal.   Back when I was still working on the rough draft of The Journal, my dedicated readers told me that beginning by describing the house in Edmonton was boring. No

Ten Terrific Beginnings…

Deep into the process of final revisions with the publisher for The Journal, while at the same time, working on the beginning of Lily’s Song, I decided to see how some other YA authors hooked their readers.   1. …I believe these things. With all my heart. For I am good at telling myself lies.  A Northern Light

A Tribute to Teachers

This morning I am packing my bags and driving to Edmonton for the final teachers’ convention of 2013.  I’m feeling a little travel weary and then I remember my days in the classroom.  Teachers have every reason to feel exhausted, and yet, most of them never show it. Most of them, treat each child and

On the Road…Again

The teachers’ conventions have kept me hopping around Alberta for most of February and early March. Not that I’m complaining. The teacher audiences were pleasant and positive and, at most places, the food was good. And I get an entire hotel room to myself to read or watch TV…Okay, so mostly I practice presentations, but