To Outline or Not to Outline…That is the Question

I absolutely hate making an outline for my story.  Why try to force characters into these little boxes that you made at a time when you had no idea, really, what your story would be about? It seems so futile…such a waste of time. And, to be honest, there are a lot of authors who

A Day in the Life…

Hanging out at the North Central Teachers Convention in Edmonton was a lot of fun–met so many great teachers.  Okay, so I didn’t do much “hnaging”. It was actually more like Down the Westin elevator, down the escalator, through the library parkade, through the lightrail tunnel, into City Centre Mall, to the Starbucks. (Wasn’t that

Writing and Speaking – Lots of Fun

This is the fun stage of writing a novel – the very beginning, where anything is possible. At the moment I am toying with the idea of doing a Canadian adventure which is contemporary rather than historical. It’s definitely appealing to think about not having to do as much research. Come to think of it,

What I Learned While Writing My (second) Novel

Today I am celebrating. The manuscript that has haunted me, prodded me, stretched me and tortured me for over two years is finally sitting on the publishers desk. It is, in fact, a complete rewrite of a manuscript that, simply put, did not work. No amount of revision was going to revive it and so…with

Ideas are Everywhere – Now What?

It’s true that there is no shortage of ideas.  If you know any writers you’ve no doubt heard there are no bad experiences in life – just material. Often, when people find out I am an author, suggestions for the next great novel, are often forthcoming. When writers face the blank page and writer’s block

Ideas, Inspiration, Perspiration – What does it take?

If you ask an author which question he gets asked most frequently, he’ll probably say “Where do you get your ideas from?”  And most authors will tell you that ideas are all around: lurking in every day events, popping out from unexpected situations, sneaking up on you as you flip through an old photo album.

Grace Notes

  In this, new-for-2013, category, I will share some of beauty , colour and, well, decoration, that seven-year-old wisdom brings to my life. 2012 ground to a halt last night with only one of three family members still standing. Not surprising after the crazy, stressful year we have had.       After a day

Twelve Favourites #11 A Treasure Money Can’t Buy

Okay, so it’s a little late for this year, but this is absolutely the best advent calendar I have ever seen.  While traveling through a little town in Minnesota, we came across a Christmas store that carried beautiful 3D wood shapes with twenty-five drawers, each numbered for advent. What a great idea, we thought. But

Twelve Favourites #10 Hidden Treasure

It was an unexpected stop and the sign was unremarkable. We could have driven right by. But we were tired of driving and looking for a diversion,(not to mention, a bathroom) so we took the road less traveled… Aren’t the colours spectacular? The perfect blend of lakes and trees, which is precisely where we found