Bad Bunny Marble Strikes Again

Marble has his human pets figured out well. He knows that a couple of weeks of docile innocence will lull us into casual mode, believing that Marble has perhaps outgrown his Bad Bunny stage.  It happened on a quiet day at the Donovan household. A quiet day when everyone was home. A day when EVERYONE

Reading: A Family Affair

I have now started a Grade One Readers’ Theater group with a small group of readers in my daughter’s school. What an enthusiastic group. It started me thinking about creative ways to engage children at home as well.  A family reader’s theater may seem a little “schoolish” but I bet it would be fun. There

Marble is NOT a Bad Bunny (Really)

My name is Marble, and I am the adorable, silky-furred pet of a sometimes-annoying-but-usually-loving, six-year-old little girl.  She named me Marble because of my large, marble-like brown eyes. It has come to my attention that a certain person (see for photo of said person), has been giving me a bad rap recently, which I

Bad Bunny Marble – So cute (not)

When we were first planning to get a bunny, I did a lot of reading online about bunnies. One entry said, “Don’t get a rabbit if you like your furniture.” I thought he was exaggerating. He wasn’t. During the year we have been cohabiting with Marble, we have learned several things about his personality. If

Bad Bunny Marble – Let the Games Begin

Even with the larger enclosure, Marble was fairly tame. Sure he hopped a little, but he didn’t like any of the bunny chew toys we bought him and for the most part he still resembled a furry rock. Little did we know he was waiting, building our confidence, biding his time. We let him run